WCF-Cattery-Registration 6172-2014

About cattery

Welcome to website of our breeders community “S beregov Nevy” (WCF-Cattery-Registration 6172-2014). We’re located in St. Petersburg. We specialize in breeding Siberians and Neva Masquerade cats. We have about 15 years’ breeding experience. Our cattery’s activity is based on breeders’ collaboration in all directions. Because of a large number of breeders we have no limitations of vacancy when we’re interested in some specific line or generation. We’re not at risk of producing overpopulation and, surely, we never cage our cats since we just put them in the place of a breeder who concerned with it and, therefore, such a cat stays inside our cattery. Our studs and queens regularly participate in International cat shows. At the moment we have 6 World Champions.


wcf reg


efim t

Efimova Tatyana

W.Ch. Oskar iz Sibirskogo Chuda

W.Ch. Kleopatra Neva's Legend

W.Ch. Zhuli Danvel iz Sibirskogo Chuda

E.Ch. Ivory S beregov Nevy

Our breeders

urinson e

Elena Urison

W.Ch. Markiz Sibirskoye Chudo

lobach e

Elena Lobach

I.Ch. Rashel Sibirskoye Chudo

sokolova o

Olesya Poddubchenko

Gr.E.Ch. Elislav iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva

I.Ch. Mikaela Sibirskoye Chudo

E.Pr. Vereneya Sibirskoye Chudo

kozlova t

Tatyana Kozlova

Gr.E.Ch. Eshli Sibirskoye Chudo

smirnova o

Smirnova Olga

E.Ch. Marseille S beregov Nevy

Ch. Bounty S beregov Nevy

yana b

Yana Bogdanova

Ch. Sayana Sibirskoye Chudo

Ch. Eiva Sibirskoye Chudo